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Food For Heroes Campaign

“A hot meal? That’s a luxury for me." Says Alex, who is 50 and homeless. 

‘Our Heroes Food Truck’ operation distributes great food to those who need it most. The Truck will park at the same spot every week so a group of volunteers from the local community can hand out nutritious meals to vulnerable homeless men and women. 

The ‘Food For Heroes Campaign’ aims to raise vital funds needed to purchase a Food Truck, which will contain a kitchen where donated produce will be prepared into wholesome meals by volunteers.

Our ‘Food For Heroes Campaign’ will operate via an empowering model where trained-up Line Chefs who were formally homeless will man ‘Our Heroes Food Trucks’. This model has the added benefit of providing jobs and training for those who need it the most.

The Food Truck Line chefs will work under the watchful eyes of our volunteer sous chefs and each Line chef is in charge of a specific part of the meal preparation. 

After a 6 month period, Line chefs will be supported to apply for jobs in the Culinary industry with those wishing to pursue a culinary qualification given support and guidance.  

On top of training, the Line chefs will take home a wage and the Homeless Heroes Aid will underwrite their housing applications with the aim to getting vulnerable veterans into decent accommodation. Every Line chef who enters our programme will be provided with rehabilitation where necessary, housing, training, and support throughout the program. 

This campaign not only provides a warm nourishing meal to vulnerable homeless but also acts as a platform for each of our Line chefs to gain essential skills, such as cooking and budgeting, in a relaxed and safe environment.

Organisation donating Food


FareShare rescue good food for frontline charities with the mission statement being Fighting hunger by tackling food waste.

‘Our Food For Heroes Campaign’ will also work locally to save good food destined for waste and send it to Our Heroes Food Trucks who transform it into nutritious meals for the vulnerable homeless. We will ensure that the food we redistribute is fresh, quality and in date surplus from the food industry.

From meat and dairy to fish, the food we save is good quality and in date and could helps provide a varied menu for your beneficiaries. 

It also helps us save vital funds donated to us that can be used to further our other campaigns of rehabilitating and housing veterans in crisis. 

The food we redistribute is in good to eat, and has only become surplus for simple reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf-life.

A small amount of time upfront will ensure you have the systems in place to maximise the social value of keeping food in the human food chain that may otherwise be thrown away.

We've always thought that it's much better that unsold food goes to people who really need it, rather than in the bin. 


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You do not need to have served in combat to access any of our services. Whoever you are, if you have trouble sleeping, get flashbacks, feel depressed, or even just feel that something's not quite right, we are here to help.