The founding members of Homeless Heroes Aid are from both a legal and humanitarian background and believe passionately that advocacy plays a crucial role in bringing a permanent end to the stigma ensured by Veterans in crisis and ending the homelessness crisis. We provide opportunities for people of all ages and races to engage their political leaders through petition signing, letter writing, phone calls, rallies, and in-person lobby meetings.

Petition: Take Action for Ending Veteran Homelessness

The situation right now in England is 1 in 5 Veterans are likely to suffer from a common mental illness - such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks or substance misuse - which has been caused or aggravated by their Armed Forces experiences. A number of these Veterans return home not able to cope and therefore turn to living on the streets of England.

Should this situation continue, homeless veterans will continue to turn to violence, drugs and homelessness as some of the social consequences of undiagnosed and untreated mental health amongst Veterans.

Our nation has seen far too many tragedies associated with homelessness. Why is it that Veterans must flee to the streets of England?

I invite you to take action to empower homeless Veterans in England by:

  1. Improving the mental health workforce in and across England;
  2. Investing in research and treatment of mental illness affecting Veterans; and
  3. Ensuring adequate funding of mental health services across England.

The long-term aim of any actions we take should be to break the social stigma attached to mental ill health and the discrimination experienced by homeless Veterans.

We, as a nation, can no longer afford the moral, financial and personal costs of inaction. We are counting on our elected leaders to come together to advance this common sense agenda.

Advocate for change and become a Homeless Heroes champion!

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Albert Einstein

Be that person that doesn’t look on as injustice prevails. Be a voice for those silenced by post-war trauma. Join our campaigns today by donating funds or time, whichever one you wish!


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