Volunteer your time and passion to empower homeless veterans suffering undiagnosed mental ill-health. Whatever your talents, we hope you can contribute to our mission of hope and healing trauma suffered by homeless heroes.

Below is a list of ways you can play a significant role in helping the vulnerable homeless rebuild their mental health and gain empowering living arrangements.


Senior Management

We are looking for individuals with longstanding senior management experience in housing and support related services, working within local authority and Registered Social Landlords environments. We would also appreciate any the help of individuals with experience of managing resources for public funded projects in the adult education and community engagement sector.

Events manager

Ever thought of putting on a show for a fantastic cause? Join us in organizing innovative and fun events to raise awareness of our campaigns and help us raise funds too.


We are looking for individuals to help us advertise our various campaigns and raise awareness of the plight of homeless veterans suffering from undiagnosed mental illness.

Publicity organizer

We would love to work with volunteer publicity organizers to help our campaigns gather momentum and international support.

Spread the word!

Help us spread the word and get your local MP and politicians involved so that we can reach more homeless veterans nationally.