untitled-6Campaign to fund a documentary film/image exhibition about homeless veterans living with mental illness and the interventions necessary to rehabilitate these vulnerable men and women.

All profits from the documentary go towards building the first permanent housing association for homeless veterans.

Homeless Veterans Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The mental health of serving and ex-serving personnel has become largely politicised. There seems to be a focus on the process of providing care rather than listening to servicemen and women to identify what is actually needed. It is so vital to make time to listen to specific concerns as this shows the respect and dignity necessary in helping anyone connect with support and begin to regain their self-respect. Self-respect is an essential step in rehabilitation and restoration of normality to shattered Veteran lives.

It is wrong to inappropriately ‘label’ naturally distressed individuals as mentally ill as this can undermine self-respect. Equally, it is wrong to ignore active mental health problems and substance misuse issues, which should be pursued aggressively and managed appropriately.

For many Veterans, their substance misuse can hide the symptoms of other disorders and make it difficult for them to ask for, or find, effective help and treatment. But it is important that Veterans are able to engage fully with mental illness rehabilitation programs in order for them to be effectively treated.