Stories from Homeless Heroes

Posted on 02 Nov, 2022

On leaving the army, Steve found it very difficult to acclimatise to civilian life and so did his family. He tells us that ‘Suddenly the whole structure that I had known since I was sixteen was no longer there.’ Although he was given a council house with his wife and three children, he “couldn’t cope”.

He says “I was still military, obsessed with everything being in the right place.” “Before I knew it I was sleeping in doorways and just drifting around. I finally realised that I needed help, but before you can find yourself you must have a base and Homeless Veterans Aid works with you to give you just that”.

“At last I know I’m not alone and there is hope for me and my family. You feel very alone when you return from service because civvies just can’t understand what you’ve gone through. At least with Homeless Heroes Aid, I have found genuine concern and empathy and this has given me the motivation to keep going.”


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You do not need to have served in combat to access any of our services. Whoever you are, if you have trouble sleeping, get flashbacks, feel depressed, or even just feel that something's not quite right, we are here to help.